E-Z Golf Cart has built sturdy, durable golf pull carts for nearly 50 years, and the rugged, yet lightweight construction still make these pull carts the perfect choice. There are no plastic structural parts to break and no bag straps are needed. In addition, all parts and wheels are replaceable and reasonably priced.

Our customers tell it best:

I drive to my golf course in my Miata convertible, which has trunk space equivalent to a small dresser drawer, so I put my clubs and folded Traveler cart in the passenger seat. The Traveler is the lightest, strongest, most versatile cart I have ever owned. Thanks for it.

Jack Swafford
Overland Park, KS

We just figured out that our Your Caddy carts are at least 30 years old. It's amazing because they have been in constant use all of those years - and you have never gotten rich on our need for spare parts. Once, many years ago, we put new wheels on both our carts but I still figure the ones on them are good for another 10,000 miles around the golf course. Now we need new wing nuts and bolts - all of $3 per cart! Our carts just got a clean up job with a touch of steel wool and some chrome cleaner and they're as good as new. Once in a while I've pulled other people's carts, but ours are so well balanced and so easy rolling by comparison. What a great thing it is to find something so well made, so long lasting among all the trash that's around these days. Thanks.

Ken & Pauline Meades
New Bern, NC

The Your Caddy golf cart is easy to store in your car trunk, extremely durable, and so convenient to use. Just lay your golf bag on the cart, no straps to hassle with. But the best part is the Your Caddy is so perfectly balanced you don't even know you're pulling a cart!

Bill Whelan
Branford, CT
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